PPROM day 14/15

It’s a roller coaster isn’t it? Your water breaks. Panic. You get a little comfortable in the hospital because everything is going seemingly ok. Then there is bright red blood in the fluid. Panic. Everything is calm and baby sounds good, then they are having a hard time finding my baby girl in the monitors. More panic. It’s a crazy, twisted roller coaster that makes me anxious and unsure. I don’t know what turn is going to be next, and I know or at least I’m learning that I’m not in control. And boy do I like being in control. God is in control. God is standing with me, sometimes holding me up. I am thankful for another day of baby Abigail growing inside of me. I’ll ride the roller coaster. I don’t have a choice.  But, God is holding my hand, riding it with me.


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