Welcome to the world Silas Edward Martin

This is my story about our unassisted home birth after 4 c-sections and 1 “normal” hospital birth

It has been a LONG time coming (in more ways than one). To be exact, it has been 8 (I can’t believe it has been 8) weeks since Silas Edward Martin was born at 8:42pm on February 2, 2013. He weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces and was 20 1/2″ long. Also, to be exact, it has been 15 years, 3 months since I knew there had to be a better way than a c-section.

Let’s start at what I thought was the beginning of this birth. My water broke on Monday Jan. 28th (My due date was Jan 22nd and I am ALWAYS 2 weeks “late” with all my children). It was in the morning and I thought I felt a trickle, but I wasn’t sure that was it. Then around lunch time we all went to the grocery store to get a few things and I get out of the car and water just gushed.  I was certain now that my water broke. Micah looked at me and kissed me and said he was so excited to be on this journey with me. We went home and started cleaning… yes I know, and I called my parents to ask them to come get the kids (minus Noah). They live in Murrells Inlet (about 2.5 hours away) and they said they were on their way.

I figured that my labor would be starting soon because that is what happened before. 24 hours went by and no labor. My midwife said not to worry, just stay hydrated. 48 hours went by and still no labor. What I didn’t know is that your body replenishes amniotic fluid every 3 hours so my water kept “breaking” all the time. All in all, it was 6 days of my water breaking before little Silas made his arrival. We have been praying about home birth since we found out we were pregnant with Isaac. It was in His timing that this home birth came. He made sure we were faithful and every trial (including waiting 6 days with my water broken) was about me (and Micah) being faithful. Not everyone was as confident as we were (and believe me, there were moments when my confidence wavered). We definitely has some people freaked out. We only told a couple of people to pray because people tend to become fearful when things don’t go as “expected”, rather than just have faith that God is in control of everything. I will say that this portion of my “pre-labor” was pretty awesome. Micah stayed home with me and waited on me hand and foot. He made me fancy breakfasts, lunches and dinners. He rubbed my feet. We watched movies. We went for walks around our property. He ran me luxurious baths. He was a totally awesome, loving husband!

By Saturday, Feb. 2nd, I was ready to have this baby and I wasn’t sure when he (or she, we didn’t know) was going to come. I had been having a LOT of pelvic pressure pain. It felt like contractions, but they were on my pubic bone and were just killing me and they weren’t productive.  We called our midwife and she said we should come see her and get out of the house. So a car trip it was. It was a beautiful (and warm) day and I was glad to be out of the house. Noah (my 15 yr. old) came with us to visit with her kids. We got there and talked about options and let me tell you what a God send my midwife (and friend) is … She is so calm and really wants to know what I feel and what I think and she prays. So thankful to have her in my life. Anyway, she checked on baby and baby sounded great! She decided to have me lay down and she put a TON of pressure on the baby’s head and tried pushing him back behind my pubic bone. She worked on me for a while then I just laid there for a while. I was having some contractions, but they still felt like they did before so I didn’t think anything about it.  She told me to lay down on the drive home.

So, when we left, I was in the middle seat of our van laying down while my son and Micah were in the front. I was having contractions and Micah kept asking me if they were different. I kept saying I didn’t think so, but I wasn’t sure. These were pretty intense contractions, but I still didn’t think that “this was it.” I knew something was different when I was getting totally annoyed that Micah was on the phone with Esther (his niece and my best friend) and wasn’t helping me (he was driving, how could he help me?) . We were little over an hour from home and I screamed for him to pull the car over… NOW! Of course we weren’t near any exits and he said he would as soon as he could. He finally pulled over behind a church and I got out of the car immediately. I walked around trying to see if this was “really it.” Meanwhile, Micah called our midwife and said, “this is it, you need to come.” Micah coaxed me back into the van, but we had to stop at the gas station because I thought I was going to pee my pants (sorry if TMI). I realized as we walked into the gas station that I probably looked like a hot mess. I was walking to the bathroom when I fully realized I was in labor. I stood behind a stack of soda and had a contraction. We got back into the car and I realized I needed Micah to be in the back of the car with me. It is a REALLY good thing that I took Noah to get his permit a few months ago. I would say that he is a pretty good driver and although he had never driven on the highway before that night. Micah just told him to please be careful and we were on our way. The contractions were coming hard and fast but I still felt like they were on my bone. I was leaning over the middle seat and Micah was putting counter pressure on my lower back which helped immensely. Sometimes his hand would slip during a contraction and I would scream out to please put it back. During one contraction I felt zero pain at all, in fact, I sort of sat up and said to Micah, “that feels good, something has changed.”

We make it home and pull into our (very long) driveway and I get out of the car. I have a couple of contractions (at this point they are about 2 min apart). Micah is desperately trying to get me in the house. He said something like him not wanting me to have the baby outside or something to that effect. He helps me up the stairs and into our home and tells me to go straight to the bedroom. Noah asks what he should do and Micah says. “boil some water.” I laughed! I know he has called our midwife a couple of times and I am sensing that she isn’t going to make it on time. We get into the room and I take off my clothes and Micah checks me and is silent. I scream, “what, what is it?” He says that he doesn’t know how dilated I am because he feels the baby’s head. All during my labor in the car I was moaning loudly during contractions and now I felt something different. I had always heard that your body will do the work and push the baby out when he is ready. Well, all of the sudden, I felt my body pushing the baby out. I heard something that sounded like a monkey and realized it was me pushing in short little spurts. For a split second I felt embarrassed that I couldn’t stop myself, but that quickly gave way to the task at hand. Our midwife was on speaker  and she said she was still a ways out. I begged Micah to help me stop (having labor I guess?) and I also think I said I decided I didn’t want to have the baby today. Like that was gonna happen! I became very internal, then  I screamed out as he was born. I couldn’t believe it was just me and Micah. Micah helped me labor and deliver our little boy. Of course I am asking if he is ok (because I am bent over) because I don’t hear anything. Micah was rubbing is back and sorta patted his butt and then he cried out. I was now crying. Our midwife made it about an hour or so later and helped clean up and check us out. She was so happy for us but sad that she wasn’t here. Although she did think that it was perfect for us. She said that Micah isn’t like most husbands being so involved in all the knowledge of birthing babies. Ya, I’m glad he is with me.

We did it. We had a home birth. We were faithful. God was so good. God’s timing was exactly perfect. We feel so beyond blessed.

Our family is now blessed with six children. He is thriving and we are starting to get into a new groove at the Martin house. I wouldn’t change it for all the money in the world.




4 responses to “Welcome to the world Silas Edward Martin

  1. WoW! I am 8 weeks past my 4th c-section (this one and the 3rd having been for surrogacy) and during this last pregnancy God touched our hearts to have my tubes untied as soon as I was healed and leave things up to him. I am so hopeful that with any future pregnancies we will be able to have a natural birth… trusting the Lord to control our family more then the doctors who have led our family building thus far is something we should have learned long ago! Your story is such an inspiration and your family is beautiful!

  2. I just found your blog. Your stories are very touching. I have had 4 c sections, but the last time I really tried hard to have a vbac. I had the best midwife possible, but it was obvious my body just couldn’t do it. I have been thankful ever since though that I tried one more last time, because I finally got closure and was able to accept my surgeries as the only way my babies could have been born. But, I love your story and hope it encourages many other women! I am now carrying my fifth and am looking forward to a wonderful cesarean experience. Plus, because I became involved with this friend of a midwife, I am now taking midwifery classes from her. God works in mysterious ways!

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