PROM…not the dance

Great thoughts on an age old idea that is not main stream today. Patience is the key… which, for me, can be hard to come by sometimes! 🙂

425072_10151037682702970_2073291068_n 4 of our soon to be 6 kids

Doula Momma

*I think that the most interesting part of this post is the comment section. Be sure to read them all but especially the two stories that are told. One is from a couple whose water broke and they waited and the other is a woman who didn’t wait very long. I find it interesting how these stories developed and how they read side by side so be sure to read all the way down. And please continue to share, we all learn so much from each other.

When Your Water Breaks Before Labor Begins

It is NOT an emergency!!! It does not mean the baby is about to slide out onto the floor in the middle of Target or that you have to call an ambulance so you can get to the hospital ASAP. This is Hollywood and cultural fear of birth and you are actually putting yourself at…

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