Regrowing Celery

I posted earlier about regrowing onions and though admittedly I still haven’t tried it (I already have an innumerable amount of onions growing) I have started regrowing celery. I read an article about it and just happened to have bought a several bunches of organic celery so I had to give it a try. I took the bunches and chopped off the root about 2 inces up the stalks. Put them in a bowl of water and within 3 days I already started seeing results. It’s really amazing. You MUST try this. Celery is so finicky to grow from seed and takes forever. This gives you a huge jump start. It may be hard to tell from these pictures but I’ve already seen about an 1/8″-1/4″ of growth in just a couple of days.

celery stalks

celery stalks

Look at the center of the bunch in the top left corner. It’s hard to see but that’s all regrowth from 3 days.

Celery regrowth

Celery regrowth


3 responses to “Regrowing Celery

  1. I’m doing this too. So far I’ve got some leaves poking up. I read somewhere that you’re suppose to put a ‘collar’ around them to get them to grow straight up like the store bought ones. I’m thinking about a soda bottle. Big question: How long does it take? Do you know? Well, I guess we’ll find out, hey?

    • I’m not sure how long it will take, but I’m definitely looking forward to having some celery. I was thinking maybe putting a loose fitting rubberband or tying a string around it or something as it gets bigger to keep it growing together. Although, I’m not sure that matters much other than for ease of packaging and aesthetics. If you grow in-doors permanently it would probably be beneficial then too to keep it from sprawling everywhere. Keep me posted on your progress!

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