Homemade Peanut Butter

I LOVE peanut butter. Truth be told, my favorite (was) Jif. I know, not good. I decided I was going to make  homemade peanut butter. I purchased 6 pounds of peanuts (I took pics of us and the kids shelling them, but for whatever reason, can’t find them. I will have to post later). The long and short of it is I have a VERY small food processor that I use to make homemade baby food, so that is what I used to break down the nuts…little by little, then a little more. After breaking down all the nuts, I transferred them to my mixer and added peanut oil and honey. The peanut butter I made is very chunky due to my food processor, but the taste is to die for. I didn’t measure the honey or the oil, I just kept adding until I got the consistency and the taste that I was looking for.

My oldest son had a couple of friends over and I asked if they wanted to taste it and they all did and said that my peanut butter was “legit” and maybe I could get their mom to make some… I don’t know about that, but I guess they really liked it. My younger kids (and hubby) say they love it. So for now, this is what we are eating and it is WAY better for you than Jif…. Bye-bye store bought peanut butter. Any other recipes or ideas out there that you would use?

20130119_23444320130119_18515520130119_23590220130119_19095220130119_191902The finished product is delicious. I am keeping it in the fridge.


3 responses to “Homemade Peanut Butter

  1. By far the best peanut butter I’ve EVER had! Now if we could just get an automatic sheller and a huge food processor we could make 1000lbs of it. It’s THAT good.

  2. You can let it sit out for a bit before you put it on… it doesn’t have preservatives in it, so you have to put it in the fridge to make it last. 🙂

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