Making bread

So, for the last at least year and a half, I decided that I was going to make all of our bread (there are times this hasn’t happened). I would say I make the majority of our bread. Let me tell you what a learning process this is. I have ALWAYS loved cooking and baking, but when you make a conscious decision to make a permanent and life-changing thing that requires a LOT of work, it can be overwhelming. I started small and am still learning everyday. Let me tell you, there is such a difference using fresh ingredients with no  preservatives and all the added  healthy goodies I get to add that my kids (or my husband) will never see but get  benefits from. I sometimes still use a bread machine, but for the  most part, I am making bread fresh. Last week I tripled my recipe that already makes 3-4 loaves so I could freeze some dough. I thought that might be a good idea, since we are getting ready to have baby number 6 and I probably won’t be up to making fresh bread weekly (at least at first!). I thought I would make it easier for my wonderful hubby so all he would have to do is thaw the dough and let it rise a second time and bake. BTW, to freeze  bread dough, let it rise once, punch down and roll into a ball and rub oil all over it (I like grape seed oil) then place in plastic freezer bag  (I also add a touch of oil to the bottom of the bag) and that’s it. 


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6 responses to “Making bread

  1. I will have to show y’all my method of making dough for several loaves in advance. Once you do it you will see how great it is.

  2. I wouldn’t know how to even make a blog, I barely do facebook. I am nowhere near as competent with computers as y’all are. I on the other hand am a computer dummy. Great looking bread though

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