10 years of marriage

This week will mark Micah’s and my 10 year wedding anniversary. We married 1 yr. to the day that we met. I cannot believe that 10 years has gone by so quickly and I cannot believe that all the twists and turns of life have brought us to where we are now. When we first got married, it was about selfishness,  more, bigger, better, gotta have it. Slowly, things have changed.  We were just saying a couple of days ago that our lives are so different today than they were 3 years ago and 3 years ago, our lives were so different than 3 years before that.   Let me just say how blessed I am to have Micah as my husband. Micah is my best friend. My life would not be complete without him.  Our life is different from lots of people and that is ok. We lean on God and each other. He loves me for me and I love him for him.  I am grateful for his hard work at work and at home. I am grateful for his loving heart, sweet smile and his ability to just hold me and not say a word. I am grateful for the father that he is to our wonderful 5 (very soon to be 6) children. He loves each every one of them and they all know it. I am grateful for the quality time we get to spend together (like the last 2 days!) and his willingness to go with the flow (so much better at that than me). I am grateful for Micah’s ability to forgive and forget. I am grateful for his willingness to learn new things and to forge ahead,even if I am dragging my feet (just a little!).   I am grateful that God brought us together, even when we were turned away from God. He had a GREAT plan for us and we are finally getting it. I am so very in love with Micah and I am so very blessed to have the last 10 years with him and I am looking forward to the rest of our lives together. We took these pics on Sat. night at the beach down the street from our house.

2013-01-05 06.19.02 2013-01-05 06.23.58 2013-01-05 06.24.052013-01-05 06.08.18 2013-01-05 06.16.04 2013-01-05 06.23.16 2013-01-05 06.23.36 2013-01-05 06.23.43


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