Mr. Responsible

Jonah just turned seven last month but he’s one of the most responsible young boys I’ve ever seen. He loves to get up in the morning before everyone else and cook breakfast for everybody. The other day he got up and made toast and bananas for all his brothers and sisters and let mom and dad sleep in for an extra few minutes. Once I got up he really wanted to make eggs for everyone else so we got cooking. The next day I got up and he already toasted and buttered bagels for everyone in the house. He’s really something special.

Jonah making eggs Jonah making eggs Jonah making eggs


4 responses to “Mr. Responsible

    • They’re all unique in their own way. I definitely find that giving them age appropriate responsibilities, as early as 2 and 3, and showing them how it contributes to everyone in the family really helps. Rather than just having “chores” (which is inevitable) they’re actually helping make the family better.

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