Early start for the garden

Spent a little time in the greenhouse this morning with Holly and the kids trying to get a head start on our January planting. Things are looking pretty good so far. We’ve got lots of lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower already sprouting. We’ve also got several tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini, and marigolds getting ready for spring. It’s important that all the kids get to help out and are given an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way. Hopefully they’ll learn at a young age the value of hard work and be able to experience the blessings of it come harvest time.


Kids helping plant seeds

Hannah, Isaac, and Jonah helping put potting soil in the planters

Faith helping cleanup

Faith helping cleanup

seedlings seedlings seedlings seedlings


6 responses to “Early start for the garden

  1. The problem with raising Tilapia for a self-suffisient farm is that it is not sustainable. I have looked into this extensively, and there is not way around the fact that there will always be something that will break or the food for the fish will not be available, or there is the need for extensive protection of the fishponds. The myriad of maintenacne issues with raising tilapia or having an aquaponic system really gets in the way of self-sufficientcy.

  2. Hey Martins… what happened to your awesome tire garden from the old property? That was by far one of the coolest things that I’ve seen! Oh, and btw.. I’m totally jealous that you and your family get to do all of this cool stuff! I have no gardening skills or expertise at ALL 😦

  3. We had to leave our tire garden behind (boo!!). But we ARE doing something like that, just on a much larger scale. We are planting not only for us, but for our chickens, so we don’t have to buy them food. Believe me, we started our first “real” garden in NC and we had never really gardened before. It is trial and error and reading and just picking what you and your family will want to eat. Y’all are welcome to come here and visit (us and the beach!). We would love to see you, your hubby and those gorgeous kids!

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