Clearing some land

We’ve got a great spot over by our pond that we’re wanting to use for our garden this year. The problem is that it’s so overgrown I’m not able to till the ground. Ultimately I’d like to get a tractor and a bush hog but it’s quite expensive. I’ve called around to a few places to find out what they would charge to bring a bush hog in and clear it for me but at a minimum it’s going to cost between $300 -$500. Much steeper than I was hoping. So we’re trying the burn method.

It’s a pretty dangerous task since everything is dry and we’re surrounded by woods. One wrong step and the whole forest could catch fire. We’re doing just small sections at a time. We figure out what section we want to burn and then water down the surrounding area. It’s tedious and time consuming but so far it seems to be working well. It’ll take us probably the better part of a week to before I can start to till it. Fortunately there’s not any large roots or trees in the field. Just mostly overgrown grass of some kind.

burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn


2 responses to “Clearing some land

    • It worked great for digging out some stumps I found. Not so great for clearing. The ground is so uneven. Combine that with an inexperienced operator and you leave yourself with a mess and very little good dirt remaining. I stopped while I was ahead a called a guy. He’s coming today with his bush hog to mow it down and then run his discing tool over it to break it up. Will still need to do quite a bit to it afterwards but it’ll be a good start.

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