Monster Egg

So one of our ladies is laying these monster eggs. I really want to find out which one it is. It’s the same egg that was a double-yolker last time. We have a cornish cross (one of those massive white meat birds) that we never got around to butchering and we suspect it may be her. She gets around surprisingly well and hasn’t had any health problems and she’s about a year old. She’s too heavy to climb up in the nest box and since these eggs are always the only ones laid on the ground we think it’s her.


Monster double-yolked egg

monster egg layer

Our monster egg layer




4 responses to “Monster Egg

    • No kidding. We were actually planning on butchering her next week to give as a gift to our friend who is having their first baby. Don’t think I can do it now. She’s definitely earning her keep. We cracked it and sure enough it was another double yolk. I might try to keep a couple and hatch them out and see what we get.

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