Green house

We have an old in-ground greenhouse on the property that was pretty much a disaster. It was completely overgrown, the roof was falling a part, and it was filled with every manner of creepy-crawler you can imagine. The base is built out of cinder blocks and is roughly about 3′ under ground. It’s about 21′ long and 8′ high at the peak.

The first thing we did was rip off the roof and clean it out. Noah had the unfortunate task of braving the brown recluse infestation to clean out all the trash and cobwebs. We were able to salvage some of the roofing panels and use them on the chicken coop.

greenhouse greenhouse greenhouse greenhouse greenhouse

Once we got it all cleaned up we used some 6 mil plastic and some furring strips to cover the roof. The plastic wasn’t cheap but I got the roll that was 100′ x 10′ so I have plenty leftover to use for other projects.  Most of the rafters were in pretty good shape so I didn’t have to replace any of them.

greenhouse greenhouse

We have a pretty long growing season down here but I’m hoping this will help us get an early start this year. Here are some of our 5-minute tables we built (yes out of pallets!) and a few of our seedlings.

5-minute pallet tables

5-minute pallet tables

Pepper sprouts

Pepper sprouts



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