Chickens, chickens and more chickens

We have had chickens for a little over a year. We definitely have had our ups and downs. Not too long ago we lost all of our ladies that were laying and that we have had since the beginning to a fox. We hatched our own chicks last February and they are finally starting to lay, but not enough for our ever expanding family. Yesterday we went to our friend’s house and we got 7 more laying hens. Today we got 9 eggs! We are very excited! We now have a total of 13 hens and 2 roosters (and the 58 baby chicks). Our kids love taking care of the chickens and getting the eggs…. and, of course, eating the eggs too. 🙂

We are now working on tying down the run to the coop to ensure the safety of our chickens. We throw them all our food scraps and piles of leaves that they LOVE to dig through. They are making great compost for us!

chicken_coop chickens eggs


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