We are finally getting eggs

Because of fox attacks and our recent move to our new home we only have 6 hens that are old enough to be laying. These are the ladies that we actually hatched ourselves. Since we finally finished their new home a couple of days ago we have 4 of 6 laying and let me just say, we are very excited. Eggs are a main food source for our ever expanding family and we have been in desperate need of eggs! Yesterday morning we checked for eggs and there was a REALLY BIG one. I brought it in and fixed it for breakfast and when I cracked it, it was the biggest double yoked egg I had ever seen.


So you may ask yourself, why not go to the store to buy eggs? They are pretty cheap and definitely easy to come by, I mean all you have to do is go to the store, right? Well, not for us, because we have made the decision to not get eggs from the store so our kids (who are home schooled) can help with the chickens, get the eggs and see where food actually comes from (which is NOT the store!).  Tomorrow we are getting 5-8 more laying hens from a friend of ours and then, we will wait for our baby chicks to grow up. Feeling blessed!


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