Our new chicken coop

A few months ago when I started building our shed Holly suggested using pallets since the majority of our funds were going towards moving expenses. Ever since then I’ve been building just about everything I need with them. The pallets we get are 8′ x 30″. I had a bunch of chicken wire left over from some previous projects as well as nails, screws, and the roofing. The only things I had to purchase were a few sets of hinges and a turnbuckle. Total cost was less then $30.

The hardest part was breaking down the pallets but keeping the slats intact. My oldest son Noah and I figured out a pretty good method. We bought a sawzall (pawn shop special $35) and used a blade specifically for “wood with nails”. We were able to get the blade in-between the slat and the 2×4 and cut directly through the nails. It’s a bit time consuming but I can’t really complain considering it’s free wood. The run is made out of PVC. It was the original chicken coop that we built when we first moved in. We just needed a quick and lightweight place to keep them until we decided on a more permanent location. Once we got the big coop built we just attached it as the run. The final dimensions were roughly 8′ long X 6′ wide  x 6.5′ high at the peak and 5′ high in the back.  I may eventually put wheels on it to move it, but I’m going to try leaving it where it is for a while and using our chickens as our primary composters. We’ll see how it goes.


Nesting box

Chicken coop

Jonah opening the nesting box

SAMSUNG Chicken coop Chicken coop Chicken coop Chicken coop Chicken coop Chicken coop Chicken coop


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